A Very Easy Photography Project

Creating Beautiful Photos at Home with by VeryEasyPhotography

Improving your photography skills is fun, trying new things is fun and having success with them is brilliant!

I made this video earlier in the year, it was a sunny day and I just felt like taking a few photos. We had some lovely photos bloom in our garden and I liked this purple one so much that I decided to take a few snaps of it.

One of the biggest concepts to grasp in photography, especially when you are just starting is learning to look at the light.

Light is always changing, it changes colour (colour temperature), and changes shape and intensity. Noticing these changes is a big step in the right direction.

Another big step is being able to alter or modify light. This is much easier in the studio under controlled conditions.

However, out in the wild or even in your garden, it’s still possible with a few household items and a bit of imagination. Changing the type of light with a diffuser makes the light softer. Softer light is

usually more flattering, particularly on a person’s face. You could use something like kitchen foil to bounce light back into a scene. The light will be hard unless you use the dull side of the foil.

You could always crumple up the foil and then straighten it out to give a more diffused quality of light.

It’s about the fun!

I find one of the fun things photography allows and encourages me to do is to experiment and play around with light and composition. And, you can do this as a group or by yourself. I admit for me, it’s more fun doing it with others. But in some cases like this video, I’m happy to mess around by myself.