Master Photography Basics Course

Master Photography Basics Course

Phuket Street Market

Photography is fun but sometimes when you can’t get things right, it doesn’t feel like it.

In the Master Photography Basics Course you’ll learn all of the essential tools to help you take better photographs, but we won’t overload you with too much techno babble or hard to grasp concepts. There’s no need yet because you’re just klearning the basics.

When you’re ready to learn the next level or delve deeper into portraits or landscapes you can focus on those and learn more about them – when you’re ready and at your own pace.

The Master Photography Basics Course contains these lessons;

  1. Fill the frame – This simple tip will improve your photos immediately!
  2. Rule of thirds – One of the basic rules of composition, take well composed images when you’ve watched this!
  3. Let there be light – This is where the magic starts to happen, understanding light helps you shoot like a pro
  4. Don’t take a photograph, make it – Putting the 3 previous lessons together start to take evn better photographs
  5. Depth of field – Learning how to control the camera to help you achieve your vision, photography is fun!
  6. Shutter speed – Now we’re cooking, more camera controls, more experimentation and more fun!
  7. Tell a story – Ok we’re going to the next level. Give your photographs a story to tell and wow your viewer(friends).
  8. White balance – Get your colours right, make your whites, white and your colours bright.
  9. Focusing & metering – Learn how and where to focus to lead the eye of the viewer to where you want it.
  10. Go manual – Ok so now you’re taking full control of your camera. You’re in charge and miking the decisions.
  11. File formats, RAw vs jpg – Crikey, this could be tricky – but it’s not. You’ll understand all about file types after this lesson.
  12. Beginner projects – Now it’s time to test the skills you’ve learned with some projects and inspirtation. Send in your best 3 photos for a critique.



Learn how to instantly improve your photography in bite sized chunks, no trick or gimmicks, just simple easy to understand tips and techniques.

We’ll lead you by the hand through these step by step lessons and show you how you can take better photos quickly.


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